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Re: Baseline skillset

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Kichigai means "altered ki" or "unnatural ki," and basically refers to someone whose mind is unnatural... just means "crazy," and its a "housoukinsiyougo" ie, you're not allowed to use it on public television or radio.

Most japanese people dont pay attention to the meanings of "ki" in words. ^^;

David Orange wrote: View Post
How's that?
It's still vague David and still not talking about the Baseline skillsets that are the topic of this thread.

Dude, the only reason why Mike, despite his assholishness towards others gets respect from some because he has the skills and has demonstrated them...
I've felt it, Jim has felt it, George Ledyard made a post about it and no one came away saying "actually you were full of "#$#t "

Also, I seem to remember originally when I came onto this board, I had no idea who Mike Sigman was. But the concepts he put out to me clicked immediately and I was able to describe what I was training and doing in my body to a certain degree.

Sure there was stuff that was nebulous (there's only a bit of basic stuff that can be covered verbally...and you havent even been able to cover that much) but there are certain key things you can place a safe bet on as to whether the person knows about certain things.
Final check has to be in person of course, but still, if you have these goods, you should be able to describe them in physical components, simply because there are physical movements "inside" your body that are NOT vague at all

Best to you

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