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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
So, several post dedicated to simple personality attack by David (and this goes back to the beginning on E-Budo with David initiating exactly the same crap) aren't worth mentioning, but "productive ways that Mike S." could do things better are worth an off-topic post and mention of my name again?

Mike Sigman

The reference was to "Mike S.--or anyone " (italics and bold added). I was referring to your post (#1226 on this thread) wherein you picked up on a point that Dan had made by saying that it appeared he acknowledges the importance of stretch/extension (to engage the fascia) . . . but then you discussed how he'd changed his position from a year ago. It was at that point that I think we all would have benefited from hearing more exchange about the how-to or technical description of the internal work (say, on the connection between breathing and stretch/extension), rather than discussing possible changes in Dan's Internet position from a year ago. I was attempting to bring the discussion back on-topic (baseline skillset), but apparently didn't succeed.

David Orange didn't have anything to do with the point I was trying to make. I'm sorry if you are feeling under attack from Mr. Orange, but I'm doing my level best to steer clear of personal attacks on this thread. Why? Because you and Dan both have experience, skills and insight that I do not have, and civil dialogue is my best opportunity to perhaps glean a few pearls of training value.

However, I understand Dan's reluctance to engage in detailed written description of practices that have to be shown in person, then trained and vetted and refined over months and years of consistent training to get right. Few get it even training directly with a good teacher and diligent practice on their own. You've made your own considerable efforts to describe the conceptual basis for what you do and how you've been evolving over the years . . . but the real progress for people working with your ideas seems to come more from hands-on time at seminars or visits than from Internet descriptions.

In any event, no post of mine on this thread intended or should have suggested a personal attack on anyone.


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