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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
Mike, the whole thing with you and me started because you came into the conversation on e-budo in your inimitable know-it-all-and-I'm-also-better-than-you attitude and started making comments about me. Otherwise, I would never have addressed you. Your name meant nothing to me then, so why would I even have addressed you?

You are really the only person on these boards that I get pretty harsh with anymore--some because they quit posting, but others because they became more diplomatic and mostly because I prefer give-and-take conversations on the whole. My approach is to address people the way they address me--usually a little nicer and more patiently than they address me--until they prove that they're intent on being donkies. But as many, many people (apparently on many, many message boards) have noted, you just like to start crap with people, so you never run out of snappy responses to your statements. You do seem to take it a lot harder than you think other people should take your statements, too.
See, David. I don't see it like that. Neither do some of the people that have watched your posts for a period of time. But I'm not going to devote posts to discussing your personality because of it. Certainly not whole posts, the way you do. The only reason you're on my radar now is actually because of a quite different "hot button" than discussing internal strength issues. And I've mentioned it before several times (numerous times, actually). When someone publicly posts that they're a teacher, we can play some silly game of "hey, give that guy respect because he's a teacher" or we can just assume that a guy claiming to be a teacher should know certain basics or they're fair game for getting called on it in public. That's the category you fit into. Nothing personal.

Back to the issues.

If you understood the basics, you would, IMO, easily concede that there is no real issue in talking about who refined what aspects of various internal strength components, since the "refinements" take place both between countries and within styles in the same countries. It's just a thing that happens... not something that separates China from Japan. It's a non-issue.


Mike Sigman
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