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Re: 6th kyu forever

Hello Clare, I think I understand your frustration....almost every time i hear "I don't care about rank" it really means the opposite....everyone wants to feel that they are progressing, and rank is the measure established to show progression. It is not an objective standard, however. You didn't mention what style you train in, they all have their own standards. Maybe you got moved to 6th kyu (too) quickly and now your sensei is making you wait longer for the next step because of that. In the long run, those beginning steps are just that. If you enjoy aikido, just focus on that. If you are having an issue with getting validation from your sensei, that is a different thing. One of my teachers was held back and made to go through many additional steps in his training by his teacher; he ended up being a very excellent high ranking teacher. I wish you well.
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