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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

Change in the connective tissue is one of the most important physiological concepts in both IMA and is an open frontier that western science is also exploring (see the German vid I posted).
Both the evolution of adaptive change in connective tissue and the evolution of pathology in it are a really interesting and only partially understood topic.

And here is a guy with first-hand experience sharing it with us with video and qualitative description, in order to try to push science toward deeper understanding, and you ridicule him?

He never said it was science, in fact he almost said it was pseudoscience in his own paragraph! We're supposed to take it with a grain of salt and start thinking about the possible mechanisms by which the body may change, given his observations of this state of connective tissue growth. It could represent an intermediate state of connective-tissue development. His observations about its normal (and pathological) distribution through the body suggest that its formation may be subject to active (mis)regulation. And, the fact that the morphology of the pattern of growth of "filmy fascia" is not congruent with it being related to scar tissue formation is interesting.

One can ridicule it, or target research to investigate it. One of those paths leads to smarmy comments, and one may lead to actual understanding.

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
fuzz.. give me a break.
It's called "connective tissue".
Uh yeah, no one's disputing that:

Gil Headly, the guy in the OP video wrote:
Filmy fascia is loose, aereolar connective tissue with relatively minimal adipocyte proliferation which intervenes at specifically predictable places between superficial and deep fascia, between deep fascia and muscle, and between specific compartmentalizations within the muscle layer.
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