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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
So what is this "something" that you are referring to Carsten?
Connective tissue.
As far as I understand it, internal practice is about "recruiting" tissue and about using trains/threads/chains of tissue which run throughout the body.

Are you putting the word something in quotes because ...
I put that in quotes because I refered to the words "... less to do with creating anything new ..." in the post of Dan.

After some period of time (weeks?, months?, years?...) practicing internal training methods it emerged.
Well, it is my experience that some effects could be felt on the spot with a good teacher. (And it is those effects which I can reproduce to some degree with my students when I am teaching.)
But most of the effects have to be trained in daily practice. And they need a period of weeks and months, and longer, just to emerge. Not even talking about being able to really use those features.

@ Bernd:
I want to point out, that I am just a beginner regarding internal practice. So, you should go an see someone who is really able to do and teach the things I am only trying to talk about. Go and see the source. It is rewarding!

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