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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mike I would certainly agree with that the movements you describe are not "Natural". I don't like using that word since it is too broad. What is natural for one, is not natural for another, and what is natural may not be the "best way" to respond in a situation.

I spend an most of my time teaching my guys how to move properly (as well as myself). I have never had someone come into the dojo and use proper posture, connecting the hips, arms, posture and move correctly in response to an antagonist. Never!

Sure I have had wrestlers and others that seem to have connected it better than others, but everyone can learn to improve.

So I would say that grappling correctly is NOT instinctive. Aspects of it certainly are. Heck I was just watching my 7 year old rolling around on the lawn with his buds...they instinctively do many things such as mount, side control, turtle etc...however they use what you would call alot of disconnected, and not so efficient movement.

So I would agree with you in this respect, that many movements have to be learned, or things unlearned as the case may be.

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