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Mike Collins
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Smile Re: Article: Misogi on Several Levels by "The Grindstone"

Thank You all.

Chuck, I believe that you would have been there to help, had I asked. Somehow, it felt like it was my responsibility, to do as much as I could figure out how; and truth be told, a weekend training with you and the fellas was a great way of you being where you could do me the most good. So thanks a lot for that. I expect I'll see Toby and the fellas along with Michael and Tarik tomorrow, so the juice will probably be running strong. Kato Sensei comes tomorrow to teach his first class here, and I've just spent much of the evening doing all my housekeeping chores.

Your ongoing moral support and friendship is a hell of a lot more important to me than any hammer swinging I might have liked.

But Churillo, him I'd have missed. Thank God for his Angels, no matter how ugly they come looking.

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