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Re: How Long does it take to move up in belt ranking?

I don't know if it's such a good thing to wait too long, either. It gives kind of a "mystic aura" to the black belt that seems a little strange to me. I mean, I don't say you should get your shodan after two or three years, as I think is actually done in japan?

But it should show that you've understood the basic technical movements. No more and no less. I've also seen a lot of bad black belts that had problems with basic stuff, that's not good.

BTW, I did my shodan after a little less than six years and I don't think I did it too badly, nor do I feel unskilled compared to others of the same grade. I think for me it was the right time. And yes, in our dojo, our teacher also decides, there's no such thing as minimum training hours or whatever... and we do the grading in another dojo in Sweden that has quite high standards.
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