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Diana Frese
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Re: Metaphors for Teaching

And now a word from our sponsor? Nope. Just a commercial from a couple of decades ago who doesn't advertise here.

Oscar Meyer.

We all know how important it is to get students to roll properly. Now when I called the roll from ground level (not standing) the egg roll I didn't mean the one you get from your favorite Chinese restaurant after class...

I meant pretend you are an egg .....

There are different ways to teach this, I'm sure you know them, but I tried to put a little humor into the situation if someone was unsuccessful. I would just sing the Oscar Meyer baloney song, or at least the first two lines. And then help them roll over, not sideways like a baloney.

I was so bad. I wonder why anyone put up with my classes!

You guys with your songs, I love them. But look what you tempted me to confess. Baloney rolls, Singing commercials.
What next?

( This is a line technique, next nage please.....)

Seriously, Cherie, your examples are very beautiful and inspiring.

And Janet, thanks, I always wanted to know what a kingsnake was, I knew they weren't poisonous and cobras were.
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