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Diana Frese
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Re: Metaphors for Teaching

I love all these metaphors and will ask a couple of questions later, but first, Janet, thanks for the validation!

Here is my next I was thinking of this morning when I woke up
Hombu dojo in Shinjuku, Tokyo our tour group from our dojo and others. Masuda Sensei's class, it was years ago in the early seventies.

Nikyo: He waved the hand I had grabbed the wrist of and said, in English:

"King snake," then I felt the nikyo.

Naturally I could use that. A few years later, at the Y it was useful so people wouldn't just yank straight down on uke's arm. There was the sense of moving toward uke that made all the difference. I guess it was another example of extending ki, but he used an example from nature that everyone understood.

My husband explained to me recently that there is indeed a King Cobra. I didn't even know that, but there was no doubt Masuda Sensei was imitating a cobra.

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