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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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I think the problem is we lack imagination about setup. Now sure, if you want the contrived example of a person standing straight up, yep, it's gonna be difficult and require lateral thinking,
i get into trouble every time i use lateral thinking. just the other day, my wife yelled at me that she isn't going to clean the bathroom anymore. i said i was thinking laterally at the time so stuffs didn't go where i aimed. she said anymore lateral thinking will result in me laying out laterally. so i try to stay away from lateral thinking and stick with vertical.

I mean physically. Ask a person to push a human, and they go stupid.
you meant you can push someone into stupid? is this one of those hidden IS skill that i have not heard of? i don't think there would be much used for such skill, since most of us tend to go into stupid by ourselves.

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