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Re: What comes after Aikido?

Morgan Wible wrote: View Post
I was responding to the main question of the post.

But i understand what you are saying. And i dissagree that most Aikido techniques would fail against a single attacker; but of course a single man would fail when surprised by many. Even a "BJJ" "MMA" guy would get his ass kicked.
Morgan I'm not saying aikido techniques don't work ...... Its all to do with how they are applied and when....... Against a single assailant they have a good chance of working...... the other thing you forget is that when people who are "high" on some illegal substance their pain tolerance increases and they [u]will[u] resist, you can bet your life on that!!...... Sadly many years ago I actually broke someones wrist when a punter got nasty with me and I just knew that no matter what I tried to do to placate him he was going to take my head off and grabbed my jacket to lump me one.....
I took his left wrist and arm into a wakigatamae/hijijime lock which he managed to worm out of so I just changed to a hard kotegaeshi which I know broke it as I definitely felt something "go" yet it took sometime of wrestling around the outside of the cab before I managed to take him down with a gyaku gamae ate/sokumen iriminage which gave me enough time to get in my cab and drive off quickly.......
What I do feel is that aikidoka who only practice with a compliant partner all the time...... really miss the point so they will never know what it could possibly be like in a real self defence experience...... As long as those that practice without resistance realise this I have no problems...... Its the delusional practitioners that have the problem as I see it.......
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