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Re: What comes after Aikido?

Morgan Wible wrote: View Post
I would then (from the hypothetical encouner you described. i.e. a failed ikkyo) transition into whatever came easiest in that particular situation. But i find ikkyo to transition into Sankyo quite nicely if the transition is needed. So, i say that i would then transition into a sankyo; or possibly a kokyu nage, or move, lead, and apply kote-gaeishi. The options are endless. That is Aikido.

-in aiki,
Not hypothetical Morgan ...... actually experienced..... when its multiple attack, kicks and punches coming in at all angles all at the same time, the only thing you can do is escape...... not fight fisticuffs as you will fail unless you can box at a very highly skilled level..... Any aikido technique as they are taught in most dojo would fail miserably.... the only thing that stopped it was the fact that I was carrying a well hidden tanbo by my taxi cab seat and managed to use it to great effect..... without that I would have been badly beaten and would have ended up in A&E no doubt of that!!

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