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Re: What comes after Aikido?

The reality is, a bad guy chooses to engage you in a fight because he is a fighter (otherwise he'd ambush you or snipe you),that's what he does and there's a real good chance he's put folks in the hospital and a good chance he's beat somebody to death. He fights dirty and usually has a weapon and friends and he thinks he can take you. Also, it don't have to be about robbery either, so don't use giving up your wallet and they go away as a strategy. There's just as good a chance they're trying to get into a gang or they're already in a gang, but want to get promoted or they have to do this to prove themselves, whatever, but the point is, they have to take you out (or else they get taken out), no matter what. They're not gonna be effected by your ikkyo or shihonage or any Aikido move and there's a real good chance you'll not get a chance to execute a technique.
My point is, they're plan is to effect a 'street dissection/beat down/take out' as soon and as quickly and viciously as possible. One should be thinking the same thing. Am I saying to totally abandon Aikido? Absolutely not, but have a plan B( and C and D, etc).

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