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Re: What comes after Aikido?

William Prusner wrote: View Post
I've read alot of posts lately about resistance and atemi. After watching hours of video of the founder, I notice that because of the demonstrative nature of the footage (i assume), technique seems to have the desired result the first time, every time. Since we and our technique is all fallible, what would you call what you would do if a technique fails to produce the result desired? This question is being asked in the context of an unavoidable violent encounter, not during cooperative training on the mat.

If thats too vague, hypothetically, someone swings at your face (insert attack of your choice here). The situation for applying ikkyo (insert technique of your choice here) presents itself. You perform the ikkyo (chosen technique), but for some reason (maybe their balance was not taken or they were able to regain it) you find yourself holding the arm of an angry individual, hellbent on your demise, who is now more prepared to resist further technique.

Would you maintain proper posture and alignment and see what possibilities develop? Would you wait for them to launch another attack?

Would you throw atemi in order to open more possibilities for aikido
technique (and/or to break person's resistance) or maybe throw atemi and just keep striking until the threat was neutralized?

Would you revert to technique from another art you've studied, possibly some kind of stand up grappling (maybe like judo)? Would you throw atemi in preparation for this kind of technique?

Would you call a "do over"?

Would you still call it Aikido when it was all said and done?

I realize the actual response will vary according to which, if any, other martial arts you have studied, but i'm more interested in how you would classify your reaction to the worst case scenario, your aikido technique fails at a crucial moment.

In other words, what picks up where Aikido leaves off (if you believe it's possible for aikido to "leave off" at all)?

Only way to find out is practice your aikido with an uncooperative partner or uke..... no one can say what they will do because its all hypothetical...

Its practised that way in Shodokan/Tomiki aikido kyogi.... albeit with some restrictions.....
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