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Re: What comes after Aikido?

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Jujutsu, which is why it should be the foundation for good aikido. Then when the super subtle stuff doesn't go down like you planned, you still have something besides good intentions...
Eloquentlty put. I really must get round to it.

Does anyone ever get the feeling that we're working backwards? This isn't a criticism, I rather like it. But aikido is an art of such high ideals that training tends not to focus on when we fail to smoothly lead our attackers mind and body into a just-stern-enough lesson on the error of their ways. So once you get a little way along the aikido road, "what if..." becomes an inevitable question for anyone who wants martial and art.

Roy Dean mentioned in a BJJ YouTube that you learn the moves, but it's the in-between-moves stuff that's really important. Same thing here, I think. I have found that teaching beginners who don't follow is a good way to start problem-solving, and can teach you about atemi opportunities.

On that note, regarding the scenario, a quick atemi wouldn't hurt (you, that is).

Nice thread,
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