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Basia Halliop
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Re: Too Busy Too Far

Dear Basia,
In the 60s very few people knew of aikido. Most of the time it was trial and error. I started a dojo when I was a 4th Kyu.As far videos are concerned nobody had any real source material-just an odd bit of blurry 8mm film.
You can learn from a dvd, but you must naturally train with a partner.If you want to learn to paint pictures would you not buy a book on Art?Cheers, Joe.
Well, personally I doubt I'd go to such a dojo. If my only option was someone who learned from a book or old movie, I'd rather just find another activity altogether.

On the other hand, I guess if you try to learn from a book or video the worse thing that might happen is that you won't learn much or will learn some cool stuff that you kind of made up yourself, which maybe is an OK risk. (Well, I guess you could hurt yourself if you're not careful).

Although I don't actually see any comparison at all with learning to paint pictures by looking at pictures. Pictures are visual by definition. A physical activity like aikido is fundamentally kinesthetic, not visual. Sure, looking at videos and books shows you part of what's going on, but it's from the outside.

But I suppose trying to learn something kinesthetic from videos would be, if nothing else, a potentially interesting project that might really stretch your mind. Might learn something, might not, but I guess if they're getting something from the process maybe it's worth it for them.
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