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Basia Halliop
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Re: Too Busy Too Far

Frankly, regardless of how interested I was in Aikido or anything else, in the situation described I would devote what little spare time I had to moving or changing my job.

Four hours commuting a day is no life, IMO. Unless the job was my whole life and I loved it so much I didn't care about ever having any life outside of it.

And personally I just don't believe you will learn very much by playing around with a similarly clueless friend and a video, even if you had a lot of time (which you don't, that's the whole point). At least not if you actually want to learn Aikido. If you just want to have fun with a friend and practice some made-up vaguely jujitsu-like play-wrestling moves you 'copy' from a video, that's different. In fact that could be lots of fun.
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