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Re: Learning Through Feeling

I like it. I was recently explaining a similar point to Mary Eastland on Ron Ragusas blog.

Albeit I use a differentiation between three rather than two things ie: Spirit, mind ,body.

Often I inform people when I do Ki-atsu to learn to listen to their body more and usually I give them a 'joke' along the lines of it's trying to tell you something but your not listening. On inspection they find out I'm not joking.

What helps me is knowing the following. The body does indeed need repetitive actions to to get imbued with and used to the movements etc. The mind is the storage place for data and so during the action of Aikido should be quiet. The spirit, me, is the observer and as such should be with the body and observant of the body and all else at the same time.

Bottom line though, observation and mindfulness is indeed better than 'blindness and muscle.'

Good column.G.
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