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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

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how's about do that without moving your feet, yet creating the same affect as moving your feet? use uke's arm as your arm, i.e. uke's shoulder is your hand, the place where you both connect is the elbow. and in order to accomplish that you have to do what?
If I didn't move my feet, then it wouldn't be looked at as a "normal" aikido technique for *training*. I'm sure quite a few Aikido people out there can do that technique without moving. I'm just viewing this as training.

But, if I did want to do that without moving, I'd still do the same things I'm doing while moving: contradictory forces, cross line body pathways, turn at waist, spirals, intent, spine turning, breath, hara, open/close, etc. All within me.
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