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Keith Larman
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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

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Hi Keith:

Well, it could be a ki-test of sorts, I guess, but the ground goes up to the upper hand in such a way that a "ki-test" by a partner would find it rock solid and a separate "ki-test" would find the lower hand impossible to lift. So the full test would be to have both of these things present at once. All I was saying was that for starters, in line with what Ron was asking, I would simply suggest a test of one of the elements rather than both at the same time.


Yeah, true enough. I just got on a riff when they started talking about tenchinage as it is a favorite of mine. No, not a good starting point for something like this -- but great as an advanced application with lots to think about and resolve.

By the way, I had a kid's class working on testing one-point at the shoulder (one spot we normally do it), then moved out to the bent arm and did it again. Then added the light pull and had them focus on what was happening in their bodies and how they could ground both. Some of the the kids pick it up a faster than us old farts...

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