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Re: The GREAT kata debate

I have always looked at anything we do over and over is Kata. It's repetition just like any other sport you repeat the exercise over and over to make it instinctive.

I have herd people say that kata training is useless and I admit there have been times in my development that I just hated kata. However it has it's purpose and I'm glad I just kept my wining to my self and practiced it as hard as I could.

Most of the people I have met through the year who claimed kata is useless usually their techniques was pretty weak and flawed.

Kata develops timing, speed, rhythm and power if practiced properly.

I have practiced martial since I was 9 years and you can do the math I'm 49 now.

I have witnessed all kinds of fads in martial arts through my time in the arts. To me nothing beats precise technique when you need it.

I have read post after post about how one martial is effective the other is not. To me it's the art you study but the person inside that counts. How well can you handle adversity? That's usually the deciding factor.

I might add that anyone can be had with the good old sucker punch.
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