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Dan Austin
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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I have explained, at length that either you've not paid attention to or could not be bothered to look for, nor paid attention to what is in the SPECIFIC video portions I directed you to.
You've explained nothing. The segments you referred to are called "fajin", it's a feature of the Chen style. So? I can point at them too, but I'm honest enough to admit I don't know what he's doing in the meaningful sense - I can see it clearly, but I can't duplicate it well nor can I teach it to someone else. And neither can you. You claim this is mindreading on my part, so prove me wrong: please explain what he is doing inside his body, not in your obtuse irrelevant jargon, but in plain layman's terms. What is he doing with his joints and muscles, in what sequence? What is his mental intention throughout the process? Is he doing anything particular with his breathing before, during, and after those moves? Where does he initiate the power from? Is he tightening and relaxing particular areas of his body? Go ahead. Say anything, anything at all, take a definite position on some detail that can be independently verified. You won't. You don't want to be pinned down on anything, because you don't know anything, and don't want that fact recorded because you're under the delusion that if you don't say anything definitive people might still believe you know something. You're just killing time until you can find out more. That's what I think, and what I see everybody else saying too. But go ahead, prove everyone wrong.

Based on my experience, you will take care of the chin thing, I am sure, sooner or later without my help.
A lawyer to the end, I wouldn't expect anything less. Here you once again imply that you could or would be capable or willing to "help" straighten me out for having issues with your postings. This and your prior comment to this effect is essentially an incitement to violence against me on your behalf, as if others should care that you get any negative feedback on your posting style. Maybe you can go to and hire some goons from the safety of your office. While it's doubtful that your incitement rises to a level that violates internet law, there is certainly nothing manly or honorable about it. I fail to see how it complies with Jun's request to be respectful, so I hope he will allow me to address it for what it is. Don't bring up "martial consequences of rudeness" for disagreeing with you and then hope for others to handle those consequences for you.

A gentleman always smiles at his enemies, as much to show his manners, as for the baring of his teeth.
Let's see, "martial consequences", "enemy", etc. for highlighting the obvious lack of any demonstration of actual knowledge of the subject on your part, or the lack of willingness for anyone to vouch for your knowledge of the subject. You don't take criticism very well, do you? Any other decidedly *un*gentlemanly threatening-but-not-directly-from-you-when-pressed comments you care to toss out, or are you done? Funny, I don't have an issue with Dan, Rob, Mike, or anybody else who talks about the subject from the standpoint of actual knowledge and personal experience. A real mystery, that.