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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
More talk, no walk. Typical. And now you're insinuating that you've felt Chen Bing or some relative of his and know what he does. Who have you felt, and what did you learn?
No. I've felt my teachers. I need no more apart from doing the work and thinking about it, and doing it better. What do you do? My training arc is no secret here. And I will not deny you the pleasure of looking for it.

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
It's amazing how you seem to think that people will overlook the fact that you don't actually explain what the "thing" is in terms of how to do it, because you obviously can't.
I have explained, at length that either you've not paid attention to or could not be bothered to look for, nor paid attention to what is in the SPECIFIC video portions I directed you to. I don't play hide the ball and according to Jun's magical counter box 50,000-odd views later it seems no secret to anyone but you.

That doesn't mean those folks agree with me or that I am right, but you admit you don't know what you are seeing in that video, but you can tell ME I don't know what I am looking at? And without bothering to work out what I have said on the matter or what errors I may have made. Profound. I've made at least one error, as full disclosure, which was charitably addressed by someone else and which I promptly worked through and then admitted upon confirming. But even that was merely an error of degree, not of principle or application. If you wish to show more errors of mine (and there may be some, Lord knows) step up to the current level of play with your criticism, please.

But if Jun's equally magical "Search" function is too difficult to employ (and in no particular order):

Based on my experience, you will take care of the chin thing, I am sure, sooner or later without my help.

This latest post in another thread may also help.

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