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Cady Goldfield
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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

In a normal situation, in a rational discussion, a person with a natural curiosity about a topic would simply ask to see and feel what's being talked about. It's only logical and reasonable. But this is not a normal situation. It's dysfunctional. Why not just let Erick go and discontinue further pointless debate and arguement unless and until he decides to come around of his own accord?
Unless y'all enjoy this game, too -- kind of like some people get a weird masochistic pleasure out of chewing the skin on the insides of their cheeks 'til it's raw.

Good luck to you, Erick.


'You are old', said the youth, 'and your jaws are too weak
For anything tougher than suet;
Yet you finished the goose, with the bones and the beak -
Pray, how did you manage to do it?'

'In my youth', said his father, 'I took to the law,
And argued each case with my wife;
And the muscular strength, which it gave to my jaw,
Has lasted the rest of my life.'

-- from "You Are Old, Father William" (Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland")

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