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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Thanks, William Michael (coindentally, also my son's name)...

I dunno... it's too vague for me and sounds too much like the off-repeated mantra of keep training hard and one day you'll get it. Perhaps you could be a little more specific?

I have a couple of problems jiving with your explanation:
1. "Completely relaxed", to me, is an oxymoron... when I'm completely relaxed (a couple of cones would do that nicely)... I'm pretty much legless and useless. So how do I remain "completely relaxed" without going off into la-la land?

2. How do I "breathe thru my whole being"? What does that mean? What's involved?

3. OK, assuming that I can somehow "completely relax" and can "breathe thru my whole being", and my opponent and I are One with the Universe (have another bong, bro)... where then does this "Power" (of Aikido) come from and how does it manifest itself?

4. I ain't no spring chicken and I'm getting on in years... everything I do is physically exhausting... why, just walking up the stairs is enough to wear me out... so how can I apply Internal Strength™? Is there a way to learn AikiPower™ without being physically exhausted first?

5. What do you mean by "using your posture and center properly"? Can you be more specific?

I guess what I'm asking is how do I get good at this Internal Strength™ in Aikido quickly? And how do I get "stronger", faster? Which I presume everyone else contributing and/or lurking would want to know as well.

I see Rob L. has beaten me to it with his other thread... basically, I need you to fastrack me.... friend... pal... buddy... so I can practice Aikido™/ NOW and not when I'm physically exhausted, gasping for breath (yeah, I know I know... gotta give up those bongs) and at the point of keeling over from being completely relaxed.

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