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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
For most the wisest choice would be to stop practice for years to rebuild, rewire. Few will.
Although I agree with most of what you say, I'm of the opinion that an intelligent and practical teacher can learn enough of this stuff to get his foot in the door and then he can alter the practice in his dojo to focus on these skills rigorously for a year or two. With some outside assistance and this focus, I don't think they have to "stop practice"... but they do have to alter it.

The alteration I'm envisioning is to spend more in class doing Aiki-Taiso and other basic-movement exercises to burn in kokyu/jin, movement, ki-exercise/tests, and so on. (I'm agreeing on the personal work aspects, but let's leave that as a given). Then I see a teacher only doing a few basic waza in each class, doing them slowly and analysing them closely for continuous, unbroken usage of this type of power. Gradually, the techniques can evolve back to more complex and realistic Aikido techniques, but always with an eye to doing them completely through with correct power.

I also think that as power grows, some direct and powerful sudden techniques like Ueshiba and Shioda used occasionally should be introduced. Not ones that "look" like what they did, but ones that are capable of putting a grown man down. I.e., I think a little Ai-yai-yai should be put back in Aikido.
Here's a bit of a change of subject
I've often wondered why the masters of this stuff were all said to ab a bit wierd. Were they wierd before hand? Self absorbed, odd ducks? Or did the hours and hours of work, and failure, then these "masters in the making" the facing all the other budo-johnies so ill equiped to face THEM that gave them a bit of low opinion of others efforts? A little research shows the personaliteis of many of the known masters was a litany of strange behaviour.
I know my comment can offer some comical comebacks, but it is interesting when you read story after story.
Most people are weirder under the surface than you think (look at the overwhelming number of porn sites on the internet.... who do you think they're making money from? Your neighbors). When you can kick butt, you can afford to let your natural weirdness off the leash, in too many cases.


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