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Mike Sigman
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Re: Motion capture systems and martial arts

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
Actually, I think motion capture would be a valuable tool in helping people learn techniques. Of course it can't capture internal movement or ki (can that, ki, really be 'captured'?).
Hmmmm.... that's actually a good thought. It's too complicated to just assert a position, but *maybe* it's possible to do an overlay on top of the motion-study video which shows some representation of the forces involved. I'd have to think about it before I stuck my foot too far in my mouth, but it's not a bad thought process you've triggered, Anne Marie.

Justin, if you ever decide to go ahead with your project and you want to consider the possibility of an overlay type of idea, I'd be glad to try and formulate my thoughts and give them to you.

Mike Sigman
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