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Re: Motion capture systems and martial arts

Yes, the olympics stuff is a little different to this, but is close enough. You need a lot of computational horsepower to do that in realtime from video inputs. The more traditional way that I will be using is either via magnetic or optical (IR) sensor tracking. These require almost no computing grunt initially, just a bit of post-processing to remove jitter. The rest of the work is in assembling a large collection of techniques and then working out how to present it all. I might just go purchase a copy of that Aikido3D, as that seems like a good setup the more I read over it.

As for the comparison of DIY, that could be an interesting challenge! I've seen people hack things like webcams for simplistic motion capture - enough to control say a weapon in a FPS, but not much more than that. Certainly fullbody work would be quite a lot more difficult. In addtion, one must be careful comparing your techniques with others. The way I do a technique as a really tall guy would be different to those of a really short person.

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