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Lee Salzman
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Hi Lee,

I would disagree with that concept of right/wrong. There is a right way and a wrong way. After 40 + years of the aikido world doing tori fune, it pretty much solidifies the notion that there is a correct way and an incorrect way to train. Otherwise, we'd have a whole lot of Ueshiba-level people in aikido. Now, just replace "aikido" with "taichi" and "Ueshiba" with a grandmaster level teacher in taichi and you pretty much have the same thing.
And if someone comes along who is better than Morihei Ueshiba? Who is better than his teacher? Who is better than your current teacher(s)? Does that make all those other people suddenly wrong, and the new guy alone right? What if the new guy can show you how wrong you are in some contexts, but not others? Does that mean now he is just wrong? Saying things are right and wrong does not make something objective, it makes it self-defeatingly subjective because no one will agree with you. You need a benchmark to measure performance, that allows people to determine for themselves if something is failing them and needs improvement in some way, otherwise it is just online dick measuring.
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