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Originally posted by ronmar

Imagine this:
What if you have passed through that time honoured couse of study, slowly gaining rank, learning the japanese names for a lot of throws and holds, performing them in the dojo environment and in gradings against others like yourself, until you are awarded your black belt.
Then you enter a competition and are suddenly pitted against a wrestler. This man is new to judo, at least in the way you define it, but has years of competitive wrestling behind him. He defeats you. Why does this man not deserve a black belt in judo? The stuff you spent so long learning did not prevent your defeat. He is obviously better than you at fighting to judo rules. The fact that he has entered a judo competition shows he is interested in judo. He performs to black belt standard. So why not give him the belt? He can learn the stuff he doesn't know by reading a few books. He has already demonstrated that he knows the important stuff, in my opinion.
By this argument...if someone beats up an aikido dan in a bar, then he deserves a grade equal or superior to the aikidoka.
Aikido has no rules (you know what I mean) so he has demonstrated that he knows the important stuff, in your opinion.

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