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Imagine if an olympic level Graeco-Roman wrestler took up judo. They would be throwing your normal club level shodans all over the place. It would be ludicrous not to award them a dan grade straight away.
From Ron's post...

IMHO you should go through the normal curriculum first before being awarded the rank you merit. Just because you can throw someone with similar looking techniques, doesn't make you a competent judoka.

I totally understand that the greco-roman wrestler has the skills/power/technique to ovewpower judokas. Does that mean all competent greco-roman wrestlers should automatically be awarded black belts in judo?

At the end of it all, I think it doesn't matter. You learn an art to learn the art. Not get a belt. If that greco-roman wrestler wants to learn judo, why not just do that? Instead of using his wrestling skills to show that he as good as any black belts.

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