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Doug Mathieu
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judo vs. aikido


I have in the past trained in Judo and while many of the comments have good insight it might be of interest to know you have two paths to advance in Judo.

One is more technique oriented learned through Kata and repetitive practice with some fighting involved but not at a high intensity and probably not on the competition circuit. This approach usually takes longer to achieve a Shodan level and is closer to Aikido type training.

The other way and it can be much faster is to hone a few offensive techniques and get on the competition circuit. If you accumalate wins you get promoted faster. By the time you get to Shodan you will know very well one or two killer moves and may only know the names of some of the rest of Judos techniques.

This is of course a generalization as many competitors want to be well rounded Judoka too.

My Shihan has said to us that if you want to learn Aikido as an interest and for health then practice many techniques and work on both sides of the body. Thats okay.

If you want to learn Aikido as a Budo then train one side of the body only and work on fewer techniques to perfection. Unless you have the luxury of training all day every day most of us will not have enough time to become proficient enough to apply Aikido at the level needed to survive a real serious fight against another trained fighter.
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