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a clarification


Of course, in other arts it can be way worse. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, from what I know on my remote perch, can take a decade or more to get to black belt although I doubt very much that is a uniform standard. I've even read of infighting within the Gracie family (however it's split) on the topic.
Like judo, rank in bjj tends to be a meritocracy. While the "10 year to shodan" is often quoted, the average time is closer to 7 years, and some folks with a great deal of grappling experience and chances to train have reached shodan in 3-5 years(BJ Penn and Matt Serra come to mind).

Matt Serra is one of Renzo Gracie's students, so I assume that when you say "Gracie" you are referring to the Torrance Academy....that's not something I'm going to discuss on a public forum, but the controversy is pretty one sided.

Unlike judo, bjj does not have a standard "test" for rank. It does have a standard measure, namely competition. So, if a white belt is tapping black belts in competition*, there's a clear problem that someone isn't properly ranked.

*competition implies roughly the same competitive bracket .... it is acknowledged that size, age and physical fitness levels may make a difference in bjj.


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