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Us Westerners aren't any more dumbass or evil (I'm coming to loathe that word) than anyone else. We CAN be damned gullible and our ignorance (oft times willful ignorance) compounds the problem.

Pretty sure you caught it but just in case, I was being sarcastic (it's genetic in my case) in my comments. How often have you seen some guy just rake our culture, it's values, the people and his name was Bob Smith, or something like that. We can be amazingly self-critical.

One problem we DO have in the West, is that there's a huge faction who say "Just because it's (insert Eastern culture here) it MUST be superior!"



Double indeed!

Why should an American or Canadian student be held back for 10 years for shodan? That's just silly and is, I feel, sort of a reverse discrimination thing.

I don't know many people taking 10 years to get to shodan, at least in these parts if they train semi-regularly. More like 5 years. I think the USAF, for instance, may be different because they've got heavy-duty time requirements. However, virtually every time to rank requirement I've seen here in the US (with the exception of the Fugakukai is nearly double and in the case of the USAF almost triple the requirement at Hombu.

Thing is, who sets those requirements?

Of course, in other arts it can be way worse. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, from what I know on my remote perch, can take a decade or more to get to black belt although I doubt very much that is a uniform standard. I've even read of infighting within the Gracie family (however it's split) on the topic.

And yes, many westerner teachers are responsible. It's not always, as some would have us believe, the hombu holding the foreigners down.

Oh boy, you can start fires too. I'm not up for this one right this second but would love to hear what people think about it.
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