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Re: Leaving an organisation and leaving your rank behind.

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
I'm not sure that a specific person was referenced. I think it's easy enough to put two and two together, but to be honest, there are quite a few people that are in the situation that was initially referred to. The person you just brought up is another one of them, and I'll agree with you that this seems dodgy as hell and worse than the other situation. I'm not sure why you are getting quite so hung up about this one person, though. Just because someone else is worse, does not make the first person's actions any less bad.
Because this is the first teacher of the originator of this thread, he stated above about him being a 2nd dan but then also a few years back clearly knew he was also given a 7th dan from the same teacher but unlike the poster guys, his first teacher still lists himself as being connected to Maruyama sensei and his group.

This is worse, begs the question, if this was done out of his duty to his current teacher or being a senior UK teacher then why'd he not use this as the example? This is worse than original subjects and the consensus would appear the original example is acceptable behaviour.

I think this particular example (the first teacher) is in no way acceptable, other than, he was given a 7th and can claim to have been given one. Obviously he has since been promoted to 8th dan by yet another group. But his assertions to be still connected to the Yuishinkai are clearly not correct as worded and might have been more unversally accepted as not an ok thing to state.

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