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Michael Hackett
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Re: Leaving and organisation and leaving your rank behind.

Mr. Haft,

You are correct. You asked for thoughts from others and several have shared them. Some have essentially agreed with you and others, myself included, have disagreed. These are opinions as best I can tell and it doesn't seem that there are any known rules, laws, principles, or theories that specifically address the issue, so you received opinions and nothing more refined than that.

I did add the negative comment because I believe it truly described your narrative. I didn't add it for the shear joy of being negative, I just "call 'em as I see 'em". You are obviously a very bright and articulate individual and surely you know that when someone begins describing an issue of such magnitude on this site, that others will clearly know what organization and which individuals are being discussed without being named. If this discussion causes the people involved discomfort and humiliation you can always and truly assert that you did not name or identify them. That sir, is what I identified as passive-aggressive behavior. If it was not, then I am wrong. That has happened before.

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