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Re: Leaving and organisation and leaving your rank behind.

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
Lessee, the head of an aikido organization in the UK trained and promoted some students to the rank of 7th Dan. But, according to Mr. Haft, they didn't really perform aikido as taught by the sensei in charge of the organization, but he promoted them anyway.

For some reason some of these people have left the organization and are continuing to teach aikido even in seminars.

As part of their seminar marketing they list that they are 7th Dan without making a claim to the organization or sensei who awarded the rank and Mr. Haft doesn't believe they should do that and doesn't believe that they still hold the rank even though he knows that it has not been revoked.

Since Mr. Haft wanted to know how others felt about the issue, my view is opposite his. I feel that these individuals remain 7th Dan and are entitled to call themselves that. If asked, I would expect them to state what organization awarded the rank. I certainly don't believe that they should claim their seminars are "My Former Organization Seminars" since they are no longer members of that group, but just aikido seminars taught by these individuals. An awful lot of people would not attend a seminar conducted by someone with no rank (assuming they don't know him by name and reputation), but would consider attending the teaching of a 7th Dan. That is just advertising based on something they apparently earned and paid for.

This whole debate makes me wonder about who and what group teaches passive-aggressive behavior as part of aikido training......
yep, pretty much my take on it

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