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Re: Poll: For the basic version of tenchinage, what kind of fall do you think is more

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Only thing he can do is high flying breakfall "around" tori's hip.
Hello Szczepan,

Were you training when Saito Sensei taught a summer school in New England Aikikai, back in 1981? I kept a notebook of the techniques taught in this seminar and tenchi-nage was also practised. The ukemi, usually done by Mr Klickstein, was as I have described.

The ukemi I am thinking of was also done from kokyu-nage and from shiho-nage (the version where the focus is on the elbow), which also seems to match your description.

As for tenchi-nage, I think the issue partly hangs on the notion of 'basic'. Does it mean the technique you learn first, or the technique that is one of the techniques that is central to the aikido repertoire? To see what I mean, consider what is the best technique fron 'basic' irimi-nage'.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
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