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Re: Poll: For the basic version of tenchinage, what kind of fall do you think is more

Peter Rehse wrote:
Hi Peter;

Several of our kata require a backward mae ukemi. Within the junanahon sumiotoshi comes to mind; withing the koryu goshin no kata there is a tachi dori tenkai kotegaishi (shihonage) which requires it. I think Yoshinkan's kihon shihonage requires it. Of course I could be misunderstanding what you are referring to but my question seems to revolve more around how tenchi-nage is performed rather than the ukemi itself.
Hello Peter,

Understood (and sumi-otoshi was a waza I also thought of), but the main issue of this poll, as I understand it, is the ukemi required, not how basic tenchi-nage is performed.

Of course, if the issue is really how basic tenchi-nage is (should be) performed, then I have an opinion. However, given that we all know how basic (understood as kihon in Japanese, with all the implications) tenchi-nage should be performed, I think that an 'ushiro' mae ukemi is possible.

Perhaps we should research this topic further with Bryan Bateman when I come in April.


P A Goldsbury
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