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Re: Aikido Focused on Seniors

This topic just got *more* interesting for me, personally. A local friend, about 60-something, is asking me about Aikido. She's seen the difference training has made in my life, and wants something like it in her life, too. She just got back from the ortho doc with a diagnosis of severe arthritis in her spine, and they recommended a new knee and hip joint just for good measure. She has trouble even walking, because sometimes things get pinched and she just drops. Augggh. She's understandably quite unhappy about the whole situation, and looking for options. She's mentioned Tai Chi, which would be a good thing. I think feeling more comfortable on the ground, falling, and getting up would help her be more confident and safe, too. But I don't really have anything to offer her in the way of special classes. We are very inclusive in our "regular" classes. We have people who can't roll, one guy with CP... I think she'd be *able* to participate and would get a lot out of it, but she sees the physicality of training as a barrier. Hmmm... Something to think about.

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