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Re: Two Hundred and Eighteen

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
... It's not something in me, it's me.
Thank you!

I think, apart from other details, this gives me a hint, that we may talk about different aspects when referring to ki:

In my case "me" is ki+body+mind+... connected together, affecting each other and so on. "Me" is ki, shin, tai, alltogether. And we often use the word kimochi, which means feeling, to describe "how we are" during waza.

But ki itself is "something in me":
Just this weekend at a seminar we tried to have our ki in our fingertips (instead of our palms). Or we try to pack ki in the hara/tanden. And during the solo exercises I do, part of which are connected to a certain form of qi gong, I move the ki through my body from one part to another.
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