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Re: Two Hundred and Eighteen

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Keep One Point.

One Point is where my mind and body come together. It is not a point in space. Not a location in my body; though that is sometimes a useful metaphor for envisioning the result of the dissolution of the separation of mind and body. My mind and body are welded together by intent which, when it becomes the sole focus of both, facilitates the emergence of mind/body, my most dependable state. One Point is connection, the primary connection I must make with myself before I can hope to effectively connect with uke. Aikido training is a vehicle which provides me with the tools I need to discover and strengthen One Point.

Keep One Point. It's not a principle, it's an instruction.

(Original blog post may be found here.)
Gee, Ron, that sounds a lot like "Aiki in me before aiki between you and me" maybe you have more in common with those neanderthal IP/IS people than you thought

Of course, those IP/IS dudes are doing it with a balance of in/yo by dual opposing spirals and other apparently mystical stuff, but there is a coordination of mind and body as well

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