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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

I've only been polite to you and you push and push.
Your words culled in response include-pissing, rude, petty ego-driven etc etc. I suggest you review your replies and the way you comport yourself.

As for the fellows writing you?
I've only ever said I'm a nobody. I talk about Aiki and what it can do. Then I show what I was talking about
I'm confused. You just said you know what Mike and I do.
Are you mad at folks for telling you they now agree with you?
Are you mad because what I have been saying for 12 years on the net is proven to be true?
Are you mad because these Aikido teachers who have trained with me miraculously agree it is Aiki-do?

Pick one issue to be mad at. You're all over the place.
I'm a white belt. Have pitty on us low lifes.

I'll try one more time
listen carefully Mike......
Slow down, slow down

With teachers... your senior... of many years.
We don't care what you think

Again, thanks for the uplifting and postive interaction your Aikido teachers have instilled in you. Always nice to read your words about your knowledge and training. Thanks again for your positive contributions here at Aikiweb.
And thanks for allowing us to do Aiki-do together and learn it.
Good on ya Mike.

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