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Normally we hear a word such as "if you can carry you suit case you can practice aikido or you don't need to be strong or powerful to practice aikido"

To have a heavy built of 200 full muscle pounds out of 5"6" in height , I have a tremendous and strong upper body strength. I do practice different martial arts and do different heavy exercises. Once or twice a week I do exercise of 50x and 6 repetitions each side a 6' feet and 3" diameter jo (which I made it by myself) made from a hard and a heavy wood to make my wrist and arm develop strongly.

The problem is sometimes I misinterpretedly correcting of using my muscle when I'm doing a technique which I know I am not because I know it and I feel it. I do practice different strenuous exercises so that I cannot exert too much effort on doing any techniques.

So my question is, despite powerful is not necessary in aikido practices does this mean it is wrong to be powerful?

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