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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Why on earth would we confuse martial arts, with all its varied motions, and baseball? So far you seem to be doing some strange analysis of motion that has yet, insofar as I can see, fully explained any unique motion that would be "kokyu power". In fact, to date every analysis you've put down could simply just be your attempts to explain normal motion. Using your "joint rotation" fixation, nothing you have said differentiates between kokyu, ki, normal motion,
Carefully, now. Who said it was unique? Not me. As the student of Chinese arts you should well know that normal, natural motion is that which accords with the Way, which is to say, what functions without special effort. O-Sensei is not applying any special effort in the videos you sent, he is walking around, almost dancing, dropping strapping youngs lads on their butts.

Normal motion is kokyu as an expression of ki. There is nothing special or mystical about it. I hear tell of a lot of complicated huffing and puffing and pushing and "body development" and I kinda think that is not the great Way, which is manifest in the potential of ki and actualized by kokyu.

What aikido uses to function is an exceedingly common inheritance. The art of using it in this way, now that is the treasure, but it was always ther foir us to enjoy. Most people do not do it because they stop moving normally when confronted with opposition and threat. People untrained in martial arts react like babies who flail and wail when they fall over when learning to walk. It is in our nature to learn how our body fights as we learn how our body walks. Most people never get to learn that, and thus have a stilted, unnatural and unhealthy approach to conflict.

That is pretty much it - returning to our original nature and what we are naturally capable of developing, not our constructed nature -- our maya.

Physics has its issues, as a system of knowledge, but illusion is not one of them.


Erick Mead
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