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Re: Budo Values

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Mary, I think it might be that a warrior who can't get along as regular member of society isn't of much use to the society. Any special budo virtues probably have to be built upon the fundamental virtues that society values in all.
I think that also depends on how a warrior type fits into its particular culture. Societies where warrior caste participate in a domestic peacekeeping or policing role require a level of civil-military integration skills - whether it be dealing with tax issues, property rights issues, enforcement of laws, etc. Other cultures seek to segregate the warrior caste from the civilian caste and assign them some variation of a sin-eater role - conducting evil acts to evil people for the good of the many, or something like that. Of course, there are many variations in between, and nothing is quite as clear cut. This is, in my opinion, the most difficult of concepts civilians have grasping. They can't helped but be influenced by popular culture, entertainment, and biased media outlets attempting to push ideological agenda as there is no contrast to compare personal experience.

Particularly when integrating political and military agenda, the clarity gets further muddled. My experience has been 14 years in the Marine Corps, though I've worked with and experienced life with other military cultures. There's definitely confusion and conflict there. Obviously civility is taught and enforced; sir, ma'am, opening doors for ladies, always telling the truth, always taking responsibility for personal actions....these classic American gentlemen type behavior. Contrasted with savage yet controlled aggression and sen type warrior spirit. Taking these, primarily, 18-21 year olds working them up and grinding them down, then expecting them to integrate perfectly back into society with any real form of decompression supplanted by 12 straight hours of power point classes threatening them if they kill themselves, hit their wife, or drink and drive. In keeping with bureaucracy, both political and military leadership can't wait to push blame off on to others to serve their niche group allegiance, allowing the working man's warrior caste left angry and betrayed with malingering confusion.

I suppose what I am trying to say is warrior caste roles in society aren't cut and dry and are subject to the whims of the civil leadership controlling an entity they have no hope of understanding - they just want their political agenda resolved cleanly, neatly and timely....yet nothing about war is clean, neat, or punctual.

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