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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
I see Kiatsu as an asset to my Aikido like my Gi and the mats and the dojo.
I was going to add a photo of Abbe Sensei teaching Kiatsu but I don't know how.
Thanks, Sensei.

Too bad you can't link a photo, but you gave a great picture with words. I can see Abbe Sensei coming out of that room with your father following!

I was taught to direct my ki into an injured area, but not long after that, we were told to forget about ki, don't think about it, don't talk about it, just do technical practice. Loooking back, we got a lot of good technical training, but I think it was a mistake to delete the teachings on ki.

Were you able to make your US visit this year?

Best to you.


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