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Mike Sigman
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Re: Couple of tai chi related questions

David Sim wrote:
To be honest, I suspect that numbers of westerners would claim that wudang isn't really tai chi, let alone Chinese. But I'm not really asking deep questions about the origins, philosophy and traditions of the arts, I'm asking naive practical ones: 'has anyone been taught these techniques in aikido?' and 'if I did those techniques in competitive push hands, would I be disqualified?' (Or alternatively, 'if I did them in friendly push hands, would it violate the spirit of the thing?')
I realize you weren't asking questions about the origins, but the assumption in your question is that certain things are "Tai Chi" and that other things are "Aikido". I'm just saying that it's wise to consider the possibility that those assumptions may be open to question... before the validity issue in some competitions is considered. The other problem I often see is that many western "competition push hands" is absolutely nothing like good-calibre push-hands and is more like the wrestling, low-level stuff seen in some parts of China. But maybe the pedigree isn't so important as having fun.... in which case, these nomenclatures of "Tai Chi" and "Aikido" are not so important. Meeting your mate on the mat some odd evening to give things a try is never a bad idea, in fact.


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